Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy Baptism Batman!

So, this weekend I became a godmother. Very exciting stuff. To prep for this day, I did some vigorous amounts of shopping to guarantee that I would have the perfect outfit and accessories. Hey. A lot of pictures are taken at these events. Can't have the little guy looking back and wondering what the hell his godmother was thinking.

Here is what I wore:
Dress from JCrew which I will point out was amazing and so comfortable.

Shoes kind of like these. Mine are black patent peep-toe slingbacks with a cut out on the side by BCBG.

And for the grand finale.....I made this GORGEOUS flower pin with peacock feather accents. It might be my new favorite thing.
I knew that I needed some extra umph for this dress because however wonderful it is by itself, there is nothing dazzling about it. This flower pin really did the trick and got many compliments throughout the day.

Here is what it looked like on.
*I will add that it was enormous and I couldn't have it on while in the car because it battled with the seatbelt and lost. But these are minor details.

Hope you have something dazzling in your accessory arsenal.

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