Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dream Shoes: Armani & Valentino

While in Southern California last weekend, I spotted some amazing shoes in storefront windows.

Georgio Armani
Gorgeous and timeless. That's the only way I can think of describing these shoes. Love the added detailing with the bow. So pretty.

While I didn't snap my own photo of these, the glare was awful, these little beauties were shouting my name from their post in the Valentino window. How amazing are these?! Love the cream and black coloring as well as the studs. The odd cut outs make this shoe even more interesting and desirable.

My next mission is to find a more affordable version of these Valentino's...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interior Inspiration: Happiest Place on Earth

I spent this past weekend in Disneyland and was really surprised by some of the great art that was showcased in 2 of the stores in Downtown Disney. Before you tell me I'm crazy, these are not your typical or traditional style Disney paintings. Nothing could make me happier than someone taking a dark or vintage interpretation of my favorite Disney movies. Here are some of my favorites.

Snow White by Jenny Chung
I was, and still am, a huge Snow White fan. I think it's because I've spent most of my life trying to achieve her perfect bob :) I digress. This painting immediately stood out to me when we walked into Vault 28. The colors are so vibrant and I love the subtle anime style the artist used. I am actively campaigning to the bf that we need this in our apartment.

Alice in Wonderland by Greg McCullough
This is such an interesting scene in the movie and this artist did a great job at capturing it without making it look too much like a literal translation. The rich and vibrant colors add to the fantastic expression on Alice's face.

I cannot describe how bad I want this so we can hang it above our bar. It's adorable. It's got a slightly vintage look to it. Perfection. And Remy's expression looks so fun and inviting. Who wouldn't want a glass of wine?!

Maleficent by Steven Daily
Easily my favorite villain of all. (The Evil Queen is a close #2) Her look and her attitude makes it impossible to not appreciate how fantastic she really is. Truly amazing. And the slightly Victorian feel of this painting is incredible.

Hopefully you will take a look into your childhood for some unexpected inspiration!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures in Estate Sale Shopping

The bf and I woke up early on Saturday, thanks to our upstairs neighbors, and I thought it seemed like the perfect day to go to an estate sale. We got super lucky and discovered there was one happening super close to our apartment.

I love going to estate sales simply because I like owning things from the past. Especially when you incorporate the old pieces with current pieces. Here are 2 brooches I picked up.

The bf thought this brooch was too bizarre to pass up and really sold me on purchasing it. I can honestly say, I've never seen a brooch that is a basket full of flowers. Interesting indeed. You can't tell too much from this picture but it looks like it's hand-painted. There is minimal paint damage and the overall quality is pretty excellent.

I thought this was darling the moment I saw it. Such adorable, Spring colors. And the detailing of the colored rhinestones in the middle of each flower was just too much to pass on. This one also appears to be hand-painted and the condition is a little more flawed than the other. Nonetheless, it's still pretty and will fit into my collection nicely.

Not pictured here is the cheese plate that I purchased as well. Not that a cheese plate is particularly exciting but I've always wanted one and it was pretty and apparently from Italy. Certainly a nice find!

Hope you are all finding some vintage pretty in your lives.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Outfit Planner - Rocker Chic

Today I woke up desperately wanting to dress like I was going to a concert in 1987 with a 2011 twist. Don't ask. I really don't have a good explanation for you. Instead, just enjoy what I came up with!

I typically only handle leopard print in moderation. Shoes. Cardigan. But red leopard print just seems so much cooler! Plus love the loose look of the top and the ability to leave it tucked or untucked.
- Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom $278

Ankle length skinnies in a super dark wash are always a go-to and instant favorite.
- Forever 21 $10.50

These booties are currently haunting my dreams. They are to die for! Love the zipper. Love the pointed toe. Love the wedge heel. Perfection!
- Sigerson Morrison via Piperlime $295

And to finish the look off, a very cool, structured bag. The gold detailing dresses it up a little and the lock and chain make it subtly rocker fab. Just a really great looking bag.
- River Island Padlock Frame Bag via Asos $69

Hoping you are all finding your inner rocker today :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh sheet!

After our exhausting apartment hunt, the bf and I put matters like 1) new duvet 2) new couch pillows 3) wall art, etc. on the back burner. About a month or so back, I stumbled upon our answer to the duvet debate. A great little gem from West Elm.
Adorable right? The color is a little mustard with some green undertones. And it goes great with our charcoal and slate blue carpet squares (from CB2). However. By solving this problem, we created a new one. The need for new sheets. I have never had such a hard time finding sheets. Perhaps this is due from needing approval from one person (me) and not 2 (me + bf). Yesterday we decided enough is enough and we need to decide this week because we simply cannot take it anymore. Or, perhaps I should rephrase and say, I cannot take it anymore. There is something about horribly mismatched bedding that just irks me.

I should mention that this issue was almost solved during a routine visit to Target but our beloved sheet set was out of stock. (And coincidentally still is online.)

We seem to be zoning in on variations of browns, grays and dark blues. Here are the options we're currently entertaining.
Sticking with the West Elm idea, these offer a nice contrasting color (coffee) with a print for added visual interest.

CB2 has a traditional clean gray set that seems both basic and fresh.

Target has these from the Thomas O'Brien collection and right now, these are my front runners. It's a little 'the one that got away' and a little West Elm. (And yes, these are different than the ones from West Elm.)

Did I mention I also need a bed skirt?! Sigh.

How do you decide on bedding???