Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black As Night

For the past few months, I have been obsessing over owning the perfect black watch. A black watch is the perfect alternative to my giant, silver Betsey Johnson watch I wear daily, this is mainly because I can also wear it with gold jewelry. (I have a strict 'no mixing metals' policy.)

I bought what I thought was a decent watch from Target that pretty much encapsulated all the elements I was looking for. Metal band with links, a simple face and all black. I took said watch on a business trip to NY and imagine my surprise as I'm sitting in an all day conference, that I had been at for a good 4 hours, and the time has moved 5 minutes. Needless to say, this is a return. My fears were confirmed right then and there that I wasn't going to get off that easy. My precious black watch was going to cost more than had planned on paying.

Michael Kors 'Madison' - Nordstrom - $250
This is the watch that started the craze. It's gorgeous!

DKNY - Nordstrom - $165
A potentially nice alternative however the face is brighter than I would like. Nice style over all.

I looked at a couple of sites and these are the 2 best options, under $300 mind you, that I could find. There was a pretty Movado that I wouldn't mind having...

Hope you are all telling time on a pretty timepiece!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Needed Renovation

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I don't know if all the HGTV renovation shows I watch are to blame or what, but this blog is over a year old and hasn't changed visually since its launch. I wanted to put up a quick note letting you know that you are not seeing things. The look of my blog is changing! The bf promised to help me get the seamless look I want, so until then, please put up with my ever-changing background and layout :) I promise it'll be awesome when everything is done.

Thank you!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Raining On My Parade

While I prepare myself for potential rain tomorrow, yes it's almost July, I find myself revisiting my hunt for an umbrella stand. While this may not seem practical to some, living in San Francisco in an apartment makes it necessary. Yes, we've grown tired of letting our umbrellas dry in the bathtub.

I do have a few requirements:
- Must have a solid bottom. (What's the point of putting a wet umbrella in something that will just leak on the floor?)
- Must have character.
- Must be metal. (With the way Zero runs through the apartment, I don't need him breaking anything.)

I find it silly to purchase a new umbrella stand so I'm on the hunt for a vintage one. Etsy seemed like the perfect place for said hunt.

The paint makes this quite desirable to me. Love the flowers with the black background. This would definitely tuck nicely away behind our door without being a total eyesore.

Talk about character! How cute is the illustration?! It has great color as well. And it's kinda vintage (1981). Could be a contender.

Fabulously vintage indeed! In its first life, I imagine this stand was placed on tile similar to what is shown in the photo and accompanied by some amazing decor. There is nothing that I dislike about this item at all. Pure vintage fab.

While the rust is far too much for me to handle, I thought this potential stand deserved an honorable mention. The colors of the swirls really make this interesting and fun. I just wish it didn't have so much rust, but I suppose that is expected with something from the 50's.

I hope you are all keeping dry and if you're not, I hope you find something fabulous and stylish to hold your umbrellas!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fake it 'til you make it - Christian Louboutin & Chanel

As a self proclaimed addict of Christian Louboutin & Chanel shoes, I am plagued with the reminder that I don't actually own any. You may ask, why is that? Well, it's because I can't seem to find an extra $700 (minimum) laying around our apartment. While I desperately want to own the real thing and have the satisfaction of showing off that delicious red sole or those iconic C's, I have decided that faking it is my best option. Which brings up a new problem, there aren't many shoes out there that look exactly like Louboutins or Chanel. So I went for concept and design over exact look-alike execution.

Beatrix - Sam Edelman - Nordstrom $130
I ordered these little beauties this week and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. The color combo is a bit Chanel and the studs are a little Christian Louboutin.

These were my inspiration:
Gorgeous and a bit bad ass. Dreamy. Like I said, not the exact same shoe by any means, but the concept is there. A studded toe seems like a marvelous idea if you ask me. Simple design with a bit of fierceness. And I can never argue against black and white. Simply perfect.

I hope you are all feeling inspired today!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sherbet Swirl

I realized this weekend that the bf and I will be embarking on our Hawaiian getaway in less than one month! (Yay!) It was at this time that I realized I am incredibly pale and need a good straw hat. For some reason, orange swirl seems like the obvious color combo for said hat. Why you ask? No reason. It's not like a have one full matching swim suit. Haha. Plus, orange swirl is fun. It's never offended anyone.

Here are some favs:
Juicy Couture Stripe Floppy Paper Straw Hat - Nordstrom $78
Color Swirl Floppy Hat - Forever21 $12.80

Newport News Striped Straw Sun Hat - Amazon $24

Hope you are all finding something fun and colorful today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Funny

It's Monday kids and I seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I'm not allowed to fall asleep at any given minute. (Yes, this is something that I actively did this past weekend.) I figured I would spare you my ramblings for today and instead show you some funny that I stumbled across. Enjoy!

Young Money Millionaire brass wallet - Mr. Kate $120

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all brass wallet - Mr. Kate $120

Fantastic right? I thought you'd approve.

I hope you are all finding something today to make you smile.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fake it 'til you make it - Prada

When I saw the Prada Spring 2011 collection, I did a small jump for joy and clapped my hands in excitement. It's truly a bold and beautiful collection. I experienced almost the same joy today when I saw a dress on Asos that looks oddly similar to one from the Prada collection. Observe.


So for a cool $51.72 you can own a dress that looks pretty close to the runway version. While I'm not 100% on board with the colors on the Asos dress, it is an excellent alternative to the thousands of dollars it would cost to own the original. And I just adore the trumpet skirt!

I don't know guys. You make the call.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Say Something!

Lately I've been finding statement necklaces to be the perfect way to finish off outfits. And for me, the busier the better. Here are some fabulous options I've found recently.

Piperlime - Cleopatra multi row necklace - $80
I'm seriously obsessing over this necklace. I tend to stay away from gold jewelry but this is just begging for me to wear it. The vintage appeal is definitely there too.

J.Crew - Crystal wildfire necklace - $78
Another vintage inspired necklace that has just the right amount of toughness.

Piperlime - Betsey Johnson - $135
Nothing says statement like starfish and angel fish. This is perfectly adorable for Summer and just the right amount of fun.

Forever21 - Beads and feather bib necklace - $9.80
This necklace is just begging to be worn with a printed clutch, like this, and a laid back t-shirt. And for $9.80, it just might find its way into my own collection.

Inspiration credit: today's Piperlime daily email

Monday, June 6, 2011

Marvelous Marilyn

I grew up knowing that idolizing Marilyn Monroe was just part of life. It's just something that you do. Growing up I remember my parents having a framed print of Marilyn in our hallway and I remember looking at it and thinking how gorgeous and mysterious she was.
(It was similar to this.)
I still truly believe she is one of the most beautiful women that have lived and am slightly fascinated by her troubled spirit.

I saw this mens shirt in my email from Urban Outfitters and couldn't help but think how awesome it is. And yes, it is a bit morbid but still very cool.
Monroe Kiss - Urban Outfitters - $28

My parents have since replaced the black and white Marilyn hallway art with this:
Perhaps fueling my love for Warhol???

Add a stamp and put it in the mail

I'm not sure when this happened, but I have become obsessed with owning an "envelope" clutch. Really, I blame YSL.
Exhibit A:
While this is a literal translation of an envelope clutch, it's quite fabulous. I really like the envelope style flap. It's a nice alternative to the tradition clutch. Here are some that I am currently eying...

J.Crew - silk ikat invitation clutch - $88
The fresh and vibrant color make this a must-have for me. Seriously the perfect addition to any outfit for Summer. And the added chain shoulder strap is a great feature.

Piperlime - BCBGeneration - Aztec $78
Now I may be partial to this simply because I own something similar, seen here, but I just can't resist that print! And I especially like the metal detailing on the closure. It makes it a little tough.

Asos - Portfolio envelope Clutch - $36.93
What is not to love about this clutch? The color, size and design are perfect!

I hope you are all starting your week with something fun and pretty!