Monday, June 20, 2011

Sherbet Swirl

I realized this weekend that the bf and I will be embarking on our Hawaiian getaway in less than one month! (Yay!) It was at this time that I realized I am incredibly pale and need a good straw hat. For some reason, orange swirl seems like the obvious color combo for said hat. Why you ask? No reason. It's not like a have one full matching swim suit. Haha. Plus, orange swirl is fun. It's never offended anyone.

Here are some favs:
Juicy Couture Stripe Floppy Paper Straw Hat - Nordstrom $78
Color Swirl Floppy Hat - Forever21 $12.80

Newport News Striped Straw Sun Hat - Amazon $24

Hope you are all finding something fun and colorful today.

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