Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Graphic Spring

After many months of not visiting H&M, I devised a plan to casually stop by while on my way to Levi's. This casual visit turned into over an hour of my time (in the small store, by the way) and a few purchases. This purse being my favorite. I spotted this beauty and couldn't imagine my life, or my Spring wardrobe, without it.

This oversized clutch is so amazing, and light weight, and the color is perfect. As one that tends to wear solids, the graphic print will work out quite nicely with my attire. It's made from a type of straw that is woven into this gorgeous print. The small gold clasp is perfect too since I despise a magnet closure. (Why do manufacturers love these?!) The only thing that could have possibly made this better would be if it was a wristlet. But that's only because I'm outrageously lazy and prefer to not have to carry anything :)

I hope you're all finding something with graphic inspiration to add to your Spring attire!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hotel Inspiration - Florida Edition

It's rare that I walk through a hotel and really, truly admire the design and style outside of over the top hotels in Vegas. The Peabody Hotel in Orlando really caught my attention with the crazy printed carpets, jewel toned furniture and stunning tables. The designer also did an excellent job with transitioning prints on the carpet to the walls. It's really incredible. I'd love to know who did the interior design and how the came up with the flow of the entire hotel. It's gorgeous. Take a look for yourself.
I absolutely adore the print of this carpet. It's seen throughout the majority of the hotel. It has the best coloring. Definitely bright but not overpowering one bit.
While you walk through certain areas of the hotel, this is the other carpet that is featured. Again, excellent color and it looks great with the geometric shapes.
These abstract sofas are more of a burnt orange than they appear in this picture and they're fantastic. They are such a great focal point and look amazing against the bright carpet. (The other furniture pieces were mustard yellow.)
This great faux wood grain is featured in the large open areas of the hotel around the conference rooms. It's beautiful. All I could think of was how I want a table made out of this immediately.
This is another example of the great furniture that serves purpose as well as has great design. These vases are to die for and they are massive!
Ok last picture. This is one example of the amazing wallpapers that are scattered throughout the hotel. Such a great design! Love.

I'm surprisingly happy to find inspiration in Floridian hotel. I hope you're finding some inspiration from an unknown source.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conference Prep - CTIA - Dresses

Over the past 2 years or so, I've attended quite a few conferences. The more I attend, the better at packing for them I get. However, this particular conference, CTIA, is in Orlando. Now, if you read my blog, or can see my post from yesterday, you will know how horrible the weather is in SF right now. Rain. Wind. More rain. So when I looked at the weather in Orlando and it said 80s, my diligent packing went out the window. How can you blame me?! Here is what I'm working with so far. Dresses much???
(In order from left to right) One shoulder black dress with statement necklace seen here, one shoulder denim-ish dress, gray and blue graphic print dress with tie waist, navy sheer short sleeved belted dress, coral linen short sleeved dress and navy safari dress with khaki crochet belt.

The only dresses I have official plans for are the black one shoulder dress with statement necklace which will be worn Monday night to a party (hosted by Kim Kardashian) and the navy safari dress with the crochet belt which will be worn on Tuesday to Day 1 at CTIA.

I have a skirt and some other odds and ends that I plan on bringing as well. Not to mention shoes. All these things are still tbd.

Well, back to packing...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dark & Stormy

It has been a constant forecast of rain and wind for the past week in San Francisco. This isn't something necessarily out of the ordinary in SF since this year has essentially been a raining mess. As a girl, I find this outrageously annoying as it limits my outfits and shoes. Since it has been increasingly difficult and frustrating to dress for work while keeping the weather in mind (you can only wear knee high boots so many days in a row before you tire of them), I was somewhat thrilled today at the thought of wearing whatever I wanted. Sounds simple enough but this pretty much ruled out sweats his my boyfriend's friends are coming over. (Yay UFC) So this is what I decided to wear.A plaid shirt I tend to live in with a gray tank underneath, black leggings, charcoal gray wool over the knee socks and my Uggs. It's wonderful. I'm completely comfy and the outfit is cute enough to partake in some tv watching and cocktails.
I like how the different colors and textures are playing off of eachother while nothing of this outfit is fussy or over the top.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends, crummy weather and all, in some comfy cute clothes.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Necklaces the size of Texas

As if I needed another reason to love Texas, I found this necklace at a Texas based store in Sacramento called Franchesca's. How awesome is this thing?! Upon arriving at the mall, I told my mom that I was on a mission for a new statement necklace. When we walked into this store she held up this glorious mass of decorative stones. Statement necklace indeed!

Because it is not real stone, it is incredibly lightweight and doesn't hurt your neck when you wear it. Which as you can imagine, is a massive plus. I am already quite obsessed with it considering I've worn it twice in the past 2 days. This should be a nice addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe as well :)

Here is how it looks on.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lip Licious

I used to be a huge fan of lip gloss. And, I actually still am. I just don't have the energy to put on 2 different lip treatments at a time. (We've already established I'm lazy) Not only that, but I tend to view using lip gloss like I view using my Miss Dior Cherie perfume...for special occasions. And no, I don't know why that is. So this weekend I paid a visit to MAC with the intention of finding "tinted chapstick."

Let me introduce you to the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix.
It is amazing. It looks pretty magenta-ish in person but on, its just a nice subtle pink. Loves! While I'm not a huge fan of having chapstick/lip gloss on my finger, this is proving to be the perfect solution to my dilemma. Also, it isn't sticky! Which is amazing on its own.

I hope you're finding your Monday full of bright additions.