Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conference Prep - CTIA - Dresses

Over the past 2 years or so, I've attended quite a few conferences. The more I attend, the better at packing for them I get. However, this particular conference, CTIA, is in Orlando. Now, if you read my blog, or can see my post from yesterday, you will know how horrible the weather is in SF right now. Rain. Wind. More rain. So when I looked at the weather in Orlando and it said 80s, my diligent packing went out the window. How can you blame me?! Here is what I'm working with so far. Dresses much???
(In order from left to right) One shoulder black dress with statement necklace seen here, one shoulder denim-ish dress, gray and blue graphic print dress with tie waist, navy sheer short sleeved belted dress, coral linen short sleeved dress and navy safari dress with khaki crochet belt.

The only dresses I have official plans for are the black one shoulder dress with statement necklace which will be worn Monday night to a party (hosted by Kim Kardashian) and the navy safari dress with the crochet belt which will be worn on Tuesday to Day 1 at CTIA.

I have a skirt and some other odds and ends that I plan on bringing as well. Not to mention shoes. All these things are still tbd.

Well, back to packing...

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