Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dark & Stormy

It has been a constant forecast of rain and wind for the past week in San Francisco. This isn't something necessarily out of the ordinary in SF since this year has essentially been a raining mess. As a girl, I find this outrageously annoying as it limits my outfits and shoes. Since it has been increasingly difficult and frustrating to dress for work while keeping the weather in mind (you can only wear knee high boots so many days in a row before you tire of them), I was somewhat thrilled today at the thought of wearing whatever I wanted. Sounds simple enough but this pretty much ruled out sweats his my boyfriend's friends are coming over. (Yay UFC) So this is what I decided to wear.A plaid shirt I tend to live in with a gray tank underneath, black leggings, charcoal gray wool over the knee socks and my Uggs. It's wonderful. I'm completely comfy and the outfit is cute enough to partake in some tv watching and cocktails.
I like how the different colors and textures are playing off of eachother while nothing of this outfit is fussy or over the top.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends, crummy weather and all, in some comfy cute clothes.

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