Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hotel Inspiration - Florida Edition

It's rare that I walk through a hotel and really, truly admire the design and style outside of over the top hotels in Vegas. The Peabody Hotel in Orlando really caught my attention with the crazy printed carpets, jewel toned furniture and stunning tables. The designer also did an excellent job with transitioning prints on the carpet to the walls. It's really incredible. I'd love to know who did the interior design and how the came up with the flow of the entire hotel. It's gorgeous. Take a look for yourself.
I absolutely adore the print of this carpet. It's seen throughout the majority of the hotel. It has the best coloring. Definitely bright but not overpowering one bit.
While you walk through certain areas of the hotel, this is the other carpet that is featured. Again, excellent color and it looks great with the geometric shapes.
These abstract sofas are more of a burnt orange than they appear in this picture and they're fantastic. They are such a great focal point and look amazing against the bright carpet. (The other furniture pieces were mustard yellow.)
This great faux wood grain is featured in the large open areas of the hotel around the conference rooms. It's beautiful. All I could think of was how I want a table made out of this immediately.
This is another example of the great furniture that serves purpose as well as has great design. These vases are to die for and they are massive!
Ok last picture. This is one example of the amazing wallpapers that are scattered throughout the hotel. Such a great design! Love.

I'm surprisingly happy to find inspiration in Floridian hotel. I hope you're finding some inspiration from an unknown source.

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