Monday, May 24, 2010

Inside my Coach closet...

A couple days ago I did a post about the purses that I am currently swooning over at Coach. After taking a quick look in my closet, that happens to be overrun by Coach, I thought maybe I should do a post of two of my favorite bags. So. Here they are.


This little beauty is The Little Monster. Not sure why I named this bag, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. She was a wonderful and unexpected Christmas present from my parents. She's gorgeous and holds everything I lug around with me on a regular basis.

(photos courtesy of Gary Lai)

Coach did an ocean inspired, limited edition line a few years back. Being the ocean enthusiast that I am, I knew I needed something from the adorably colorful line. This is the wristlet that decided on. To this day it is one of my favorite Coach pieces that I own. I love the colors, the different textures, everything.

Blue persuasion

I was so proud of myself for finding this adorable dress and pairing it with my DIY necklace, that I thought I should post what the entire outfit looked like.

The color contrast between the black, satin-ish dress and the cobalt blue tights is so striking. Definitely one of my favorite looks and color combos. I found this dress at a second hand store for around $12. Instant fab.

Along with my DIY necklace, here are the other accessories I wore. These are what I like to call "outfit highlighters."

(DIY vintage necklace, Zebra J.Crew bracelet & Betsey Johnson watch)

The back of the dress has the cutest details. There's a high neck all the way around with 3 cute over-sized buttons at the base of the neck.

(Delias tights & MIA black leather flats)

*photos courtesy of Gary Lai

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coach Obsessions

For those of you that know me, you know that I have a mild obsession with Coach. I can't help it. They make the best purses. I can't even count how many I have. The quality and design of their bags are incredible. The materials they use range from the softest leathers to straw-like. And Coach has a wide range of prices making the bags very accessible.

Here are some of the bags that are out right now that I'm obsessing over.

This is the Julia. It's also available in other colors, but I just adore this distressed charcoal color. It's wonderful.

This is the Pierre Le-Tan. Perfect for summer. The colors are so great and the seahorse makes it playful and beach ready. This one is also available in other designs but this one is my favorite.

This magnificent bag is the Kristin. That color is GORGEOUS! There really isn't anything else I can say about this bag except that the color is amazing and I want it.

For the days, or nights, when you don't feel like lugging around a suitcase, this wristlet is the perfect addition. The flower detailing is adorable and the colors are muted enough to stand out but go with any outfit.

Go find yourself a happy at Coach :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color blocking: Fabulously Mod

While getting dressed this morning, I rediscovered a pair of shoes. I bought these like 2 years ago and they have been terribly neglected.

It's not super clear in these pictures but the majority of the shoe is a cream color and the heel is a really pretty grey. I just fell in love with the color blocking! The idea of a shoe being one color from one view and a completely different color from another view just dazzles me. They look wonderfully vintage as well.

Better utilization of these shoes with more outfits, perhaps skirts to show them off completely, definitely to come!

*Apologies for the bad pictures. I failed to inform Gary that I would be wearing adorable shoes that would cause conversation.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage + New = Fab

So, I was reading a magazine and this woman made these gorgeous chain necklaces that had ribbon woven in and out of the links. At the bottom she had attached original letters and number from this old New York hotel. Amazing and gorgeous. But, they were $250-$350. No thank you. I decided that I could make these on my own. So, I did.

{photos courtesy of Gary Lai}

I made a great find at an estate sale and got these 2 chain necklaces. Perfect! With a little ribbon and some time, these are my final creations.

I have big plans for pieces to come. Currently I'm scoping out vintage chains online and looking at incorporating beads and charms. We'll see. Either way, these 2 have been great additions to my jewelry arsenal thus far!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Choo envy

I came across this gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos and I seem to compare all other nude heels to them. They are glorious. And if you have the $950 it takes to buy these guys, more power to you.

I have had numerous requests from friends to find a pair of shoes that are similar to these. There aren't many. There are more that share a similar idea but not style. Let's face it. Choos are expensive and gorgeous for a reason. So, here are the stepchildren I have found that are close:

These are from a random catalog that I came across called Boston Proper. Bizarre. You can grab these here. Personally, I like the grey color. Here is an example of something that is similar to the Choos but with their own style. I think they're fun. Piperlime will hook you up.

Lastly JCrew comes in with a pricier look alike but not in nude. Different color. However, again I like the grey.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bow Down!

I've been away from my blog for too long. Behold. A treat for your eyeballs.

Everyone bow down to Miss Jennifer Lopez. Chick looks AMAZING! Loooooooove! Her hair is perfect. Make up looks great. Everything. Perfect styling as usual.