Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Green smoke

I am one of those people that go through makeup phases. I'll discover a new look and wear it for a while and then change it up again. The idea of wearing my makeup the same way everyday seems horrible. Not to mention boring. My recent move has really thrown my wardrobe into a bit of a mess so I feel like I'm compensating with my makeup more than ever. I recently rediscovered a couple of items in my makeup bag and have styled a new look that I am quite fond of.
*Please note that a darker eye during the day is NOT for everyone. I just don't like wearing neutrals :)

While I purchased a Superslick eyeliner in on the hunt a few months back, I hadn't really used it since liquid liner tends to intimidate me. That all changed when I couldn't find my Fluidline pot.

I tend to favor shimmery eyeshadow in golds and silvers, but when I saw juxt, it was love at first site.
(I, of course, prime my eyelid with Prep & Prime in light before applying eyeshadow). To get the best look, I pack on juxt to make sure it really shimmers. It's such a gorgeous color! Then I use the on the hunt liner on my top lash line only. For the bottom lash line, I smudge in silver ring.
So pretty! Add some mascara, and you're done.

I hope you are all finding new inspiration in your makeup bags!

*It should be noted that all the makeup listed in this post, and in my makeup bag for that matter, is from the always glorious MAC.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Don't - You are NOT a genie in a bottle

Whoever decided that it was remotely ok to bring back harem pants needs to be taken out back and slapped! Seriously. I cannot get behind this look whatsoever. They were barely ok on the runway which means the pants were 100% not going to translate well to real life.

Exhibit A:
No you are not seeing things. This woman is actually wearing pink SATIN harem pants! Yes. Pink. And satin. Sigh. Awful. What's worse, if you ever thought something could be worse, is that she is wearing a plaid shirt AND a vest with the hideous, ill-fitting pants! I can't even say anything else. Ugly! Ok, that's it.

P.S. I totally had to do a minor jog to catch up to this woman this morning to capture this picture. Haha. I really hope no one noticed.

Friday, November 12, 2010

If I...

While shopping for some Christmas presents, I came across some "if I" items. Enjoy!

If I...lived in NY:
I'd own these mittens.
Seriously. How cute are these Kate Spade mittens?!

If I...owned an iPad:
I'd buy these cases.
While I'm not convinced how practical they would be in a bag, these are awesome. So cute! And reasonable! ($20 for both)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spiked with envy

I would like to high five whoever decided that shoes should have spikes and studs on them. I am completely beside myself with the shoes out this season. The plan for this Winter is, how do I manage to purchase a pair of studded Christian Louboutin boots? Practical. Totally practical.

This was a simple case of love at first site. While I'm still not sure how I will manage to come up with the $1500 for these boots, one thing is clear. I need them! The strap along the backside of the boot is also studded. Amazing.

While these are a little Hellraiser-ish for me, I still think they are quite fabulous.

This delicious pair of studded oxfords are from Sigerson Morrison and I think these are also a must have. Love the detailing and the simplicity.

Hope you are filling your closets with spikes and studs!