Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Green smoke

I am one of those people that go through makeup phases. I'll discover a new look and wear it for a while and then change it up again. The idea of wearing my makeup the same way everyday seems horrible. Not to mention boring. My recent move has really thrown my wardrobe into a bit of a mess so I feel like I'm compensating with my makeup more than ever. I recently rediscovered a couple of items in my makeup bag and have styled a new look that I am quite fond of.
*Please note that a darker eye during the day is NOT for everyone. I just don't like wearing neutrals :)

While I purchased a Superslick eyeliner in on the hunt a few months back, I hadn't really used it since liquid liner tends to intimidate me. That all changed when I couldn't find my Fluidline pot.

I tend to favor shimmery eyeshadow in golds and silvers, but when I saw juxt, it was love at first site.
(I, of course, prime my eyelid with Prep & Prime in light before applying eyeshadow). To get the best look, I pack on juxt to make sure it really shimmers. It's such a gorgeous color! Then I use the on the hunt liner on my top lash line only. For the bottom lash line, I smudge in silver ring.
So pretty! Add some mascara, and you're done.

I hope you are all finding new inspiration in your makeup bags!

*It should be noted that all the makeup listed in this post, and in my makeup bag for that matter, is from the always glorious MAC.

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