Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Don't - You are NOT a genie in a bottle

Whoever decided that it was remotely ok to bring back harem pants needs to be taken out back and slapped! Seriously. I cannot get behind this look whatsoever. They were barely ok on the runway which means the pants were 100% not going to translate well to real life.

Exhibit A:
No you are not seeing things. This woman is actually wearing pink SATIN harem pants! Yes. Pink. And satin. Sigh. Awful. What's worse, if you ever thought something could be worse, is that she is wearing a plaid shirt AND a vest with the hideous, ill-fitting pants! I can't even say anything else. Ugly! Ok, that's it.

P.S. I totally had to do a minor jog to catch up to this woman this morning to capture this picture. Haha. I really hope no one noticed.

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