Friday, December 17, 2010

Comic book stuff

Growing up, I always thought that Batman was a complete and total bad ass. And Superman never did it for me but that was sort of the extent of my venture into comic books. (Aside from Calvin & Hobbs) If you've ever looked at a comic book you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize how awesome they are. Leave it to the geniuses over at nOir Jewelry to create a line around some of DC Comics' best!

Here are my picks:
Cat Woman inspired, this ring displays a claw holding a Cubic Zirconia stone on a rhodium band. A definite way to spice up your everyday cocktail ring! ($150)

I'm not really sure if there could be anything cooler than Gotham City on a ring. This is such a cool piece although, it looks quite heavy to me. I'd be curious to know how wearable it actually is. ($225)

While this bracelet seems to be obnoxiously large, it's awesome. Awesomely gawdy. Which is the best kind of awesome :) ($215)

I hope you are all finding some new inspiration from some of your childhood favorites!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For swimming?

I know it's mid-December, but hear me out. A friend of mine is a serious gamer and self proclaimed nerd. He recently sent me a link to BlackMilk after hearing about it on a blog that he reads. To me, the site seems like nerd icons meet American Apparel.

I took a look around this site and here are some of the things that stood out to me for various reasons.

The "huh?" category:
While I am a huge Pulp Fiction fan, I can't imagine having such a critical scene displayed on my swim suit, courtesy of Sesame Street.
This just seems provocative in the weirdest way. Not sure I would want to be laying poolside sporting this.

The "awesome" category:
I love this. End of story.
My nerd friend geeked out on this R2D2-like swim suit. It's fun. I agree.
This Darth Vader suit is pretty awesome. A little Pink Floyd and a little Star Wars. That's going to make a lot of nerds happy.

Helpful note: These suits start at about $80 and are already seeing a lot of orders so they are a bit backordered. Yes, in December. So order up if you see one you like!

Happy tanning :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monochromatic days

I feel like this blog is morphing into a makeup blog over time. Oh well. Do tell if you have any complaints.

So I found myself uninspired yesterday morning getting ready for work with the melodramatic colors of the outside world. You see, it's December in San Francisco which means each day is almost guaranteed to be nothing like the previous. These past few days have been gray. That's all. As a sort of "so there!" moment, I decided to have my eye makeup match the weather. Gray on gray. I have never attempted such a thing, nor would I have suggested it to someone who asked. The end result was shocking. I really liked it. Not sure how many other colors you could successfully pull this off with though. Purple? I think it'd look too costume-ie. In a bad way. We all know I love costume. So ya. I'm living testament that this can be done.

Here is how I did it.
- I primed my eyes with light per my usual.
- Then I layered on idol eyes shadow. (light makes this shadow POP and it has the prettiest sheen to it)
- I took my greyprint Technakohl Liner and did a thick layer to my bottom lashes.
- To finish and give just a little more depth, I took my smolder Eye Kohl and lined the middle part of my upper eyelids. This move is tricky, tricky.

Here's what you'll need: