Friday, December 17, 2010

Comic book stuff

Growing up, I always thought that Batman was a complete and total bad ass. And Superman never did it for me but that was sort of the extent of my venture into comic books. (Aside from Calvin & Hobbs) If you've ever looked at a comic book you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize how awesome they are. Leave it to the geniuses over at nOir Jewelry to create a line around some of DC Comics' best!

Here are my picks:
Cat Woman inspired, this ring displays a claw holding a Cubic Zirconia stone on a rhodium band. A definite way to spice up your everyday cocktail ring! ($150)

I'm not really sure if there could be anything cooler than Gotham City on a ring. This is such a cool piece although, it looks quite heavy to me. I'd be curious to know how wearable it actually is. ($225)

While this bracelet seems to be obnoxiously large, it's awesome. Awesomely gawdy. Which is the best kind of awesome :) ($215)

I hope you are all finding some new inspiration from some of your childhood favorites!

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