Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For swimming?

I know it's mid-December, but hear me out. A friend of mine is a serious gamer and self proclaimed nerd. He recently sent me a link to BlackMilk after hearing about it on a blog that he reads. To me, the site seems like nerd icons meet American Apparel.

I took a look around this site and here are some of the things that stood out to me for various reasons.

The "huh?" category:
While I am a huge Pulp Fiction fan, I can't imagine having such a critical scene displayed on my swim suit, courtesy of Sesame Street.
This just seems provocative in the weirdest way. Not sure I would want to be laying poolside sporting this.

The "awesome" category:
I love this. End of story.
My nerd friend geeked out on this R2D2-like swim suit. It's fun. I agree.
This Darth Vader suit is pretty awesome. A little Pink Floyd and a little Star Wars. That's going to make a lot of nerds happy.

Helpful note: These suits start at about $80 and are already seeing a lot of orders so they are a bit backordered. Yes, in December. So order up if you see one you like!

Happy tanning :)

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