Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spiked with envy

I would like to high five whoever decided that shoes should have spikes and studs on them. I am completely beside myself with the shoes out this season. The plan for this Winter is, how do I manage to purchase a pair of studded Christian Louboutin boots? Practical. Totally practical.

This was a simple case of love at first site. While I'm still not sure how I will manage to come up with the $1500 for these boots, one thing is clear. I need them! The strap along the backside of the boot is also studded. Amazing.

While these are a little Hellraiser-ish for me, I still think they are quite fabulous.

This delicious pair of studded oxfords are from Sigerson Morrison and I think these are also a must have. Love the detailing and the simplicity.

Hope you are filling your closets with spikes and studs!

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