Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Friday pretty

So I've been bummed this week since the bf and I can't seem to find an apartment. With the worry of homelessness fast approaching, I've decided to start packing and getting rid of things that aren't necessary. This of course excludes clothing. (Do you know how much stuff you can accumulate when you've lived in the same place for 5 years?!) I have a random collection of old magazines I told myself I must part with. Before I went through the painful process of giving them away, I went through and took out the pages that inspired me for one reason or another.

These 2 pages are from an Elle issue back in September 2005. Some of you may know that I absolutely love JLo. Like, LOVE her. This is one of my favorite editorials she's done. She looks like an adorable party girl that you want to know.

Her hair and make up in this shot are absolutely flawless! She looks amazing. I tore out this page in particular because I have taken a liking to her make up. I will definitely be recreating the look. And can I just say how fantastic her hair is?! It looks like a giant bundle of awesome sitting on top of her head. I can only dream of getting my hair that big...

I want this dress. It haunts my dreams. As if anyone ever doubted Oscar de la Renta's ability to make amazing dresses that make women look impeccable, this is just confirmation the man is a genius. And again, that hair is wonderful!

Hope you're finding a little pretty before the haunted weekend :)

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