Monday, October 25, 2010

Sketeltal delight

Happy Monday everyone! So, I'm super excited that Halloween is just around the corner, even though I have no clue what I'm doing. Rest assured, I have a costume. I will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of dressing as a bumble bee. Don't ask. It's harder than you think when you buy the costume as separates. Note to self. Anyways, my costume was made complete after I found my yellow wings yesterday. Oh happy day.

Enough about costumes. What about the build up to Halloween?? I am a firm believer in slightly dressing up while leading up to the actual day. However, I could be biased since some of the things I will wear this week are in regular rotation in my wardrobe but who cares.

Here are some ghoulish delights!

These 3 shirts are all from Urban Outfitters and equally fantastic. I love the idea of the skeletal sternum shirt and tank. So cool and fun. (fun fact: the back of the tank top shows the reverse view) And that giant skull stripped shirt is so unexpectedly chic.

McQueen. ALWAYS a favorite of mine and this scarf is no exception. I have wanted one since the first day I saw it. Love the sheer fabric. Love the Dia de los Muertos style skulls. Everything. Perfection.

This is something out of my personal collection of skulls. I can't remember where I bought this but I love his facial expression and the placement of the rhinestones. Such a creepy cool addition to any outfit. I wore this last week with a cobalt blue shift dress to a work dinner. Fab.

Hope you find some haunting additions for your closet.

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