Friday, October 15, 2010

We like to party!

The holidays are fast approaching and I can't sit around and expect a wonderful dress to just fall into my lap at the last minute. I have taken it upon myself to start scouting for dresses now. And once again, Nordstrom read my mind and sent out their latest catalog highlighting just that! What's better than a holiday party dress?!

Let's start the show.

Great lighting would be the perfect accessory for this dress. It just looks like a party. Loves.

While this dress does not have one fleck of glitter or a single trace of sequins, I desperately want to own this dress. Its the perfect combination of a little vintage meets a little modern.

The simplicity of this dress is just perfect. At first glance there isn't anything really special happening but if you look closer, you notice all the details. I love the interesting folds and the hint of sequins. (I would take the hem up just a smidge)

I hope the holiday rush doesn't sneak up on you!

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