Monday, May 10, 2010

Choo envy

I came across this gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos and I seem to compare all other nude heels to them. They are glorious. And if you have the $950 it takes to buy these guys, more power to you.

I have had numerous requests from friends to find a pair of shoes that are similar to these. There aren't many. There are more that share a similar idea but not style. Let's face it. Choos are expensive and gorgeous for a reason. So, here are the stepchildren I have found that are close:

These are from a random catalog that I came across called Boston Proper. Bizarre. You can grab these here. Personally, I like the grey color. Here is an example of something that is similar to the Choos but with their own style. I think they're fun. Piperlime will hook you up.

Lastly JCrew comes in with a pricier look alike but not in nude. Different color. However, again I like the grey.

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