Monday, May 24, 2010

Blue persuasion

I was so proud of myself for finding this adorable dress and pairing it with my DIY necklace, that I thought I should post what the entire outfit looked like.

The color contrast between the black, satin-ish dress and the cobalt blue tights is so striking. Definitely one of my favorite looks and color combos. I found this dress at a second hand store for around $12. Instant fab.

Along with my DIY necklace, here are the other accessories I wore. These are what I like to call "outfit highlighters."

(DIY vintage necklace, Zebra J.Crew bracelet & Betsey Johnson watch)

The back of the dress has the cutest details. There's a high neck all the way around with 3 cute over-sized buttons at the base of the neck.

(Delias tights & MIA black leather flats)

*photos courtesy of Gary Lai

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