Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh sheet!

After our exhausting apartment hunt, the bf and I put matters like 1) new duvet 2) new couch pillows 3) wall art, etc. on the back burner. About a month or so back, I stumbled upon our answer to the duvet debate. A great little gem from West Elm.
Adorable right? The color is a little mustard with some green undertones. And it goes great with our charcoal and slate blue carpet squares (from CB2). However. By solving this problem, we created a new one. The need for new sheets. I have never had such a hard time finding sheets. Perhaps this is due from needing approval from one person (me) and not 2 (me + bf). Yesterday we decided enough is enough and we need to decide this week because we simply cannot take it anymore. Or, perhaps I should rephrase and say, I cannot take it anymore. There is something about horribly mismatched bedding that just irks me.

I should mention that this issue was almost solved during a routine visit to Target but our beloved sheet set was out of stock. (And coincidentally still is online.)

We seem to be zoning in on variations of browns, grays and dark blues. Here are the options we're currently entertaining.
Sticking with the West Elm idea, these offer a nice contrasting color (coffee) with a print for added visual interest.

CB2 has a traditional clean gray set that seems both basic and fresh.

Target has these from the Thomas O'Brien collection and right now, these are my front runners. It's a little 'the one that got away' and a little West Elm. (And yes, these are different than the ones from West Elm.)

Did I mention I also need a bed skirt?! Sigh.

How do you decide on bedding???

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