Friday, July 8, 2011

Short Print

I'm pretty sure growing up in Sacramento summers made me a huge fan of shorts. I love shorts. And, I get really excited when it's nice in the city so I can wear said shorts. This spring/summer I have become obsessed with owning a pair of printed shorts. But they have to be cool. (duh, right?)

Here are some acceptable options I've come across:

1. Love the color of the print and how comfortable these look. (Forever21)
2. Who doesn't love classy and understated leopard? Win! (Loft)
3. While I think these shorts are far too expensive, the spacing of the stripes and color choice is perfect. (JCrew)
4. I like these shorts simply because the print looks like the wallpaper in my Great Grandparents house. Awesome. (Forever21)
5. Yes I'm aware these aren't printed but that color is so vibrant and cheery! (Asos)
6. Like the first pair of shorts, these look super comfy and have an adorable feather print. (Asos)

Have a great weekend!

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