Friday, July 1, 2011

Packin' Up

I frequently get comments on the purses I carry. They are less the "I love your bag!" or "Where did you get that?" and more of the "What do you carry in that thing?!" and "How much does your purse weigh?!" I'm a sucker for a carry-all bag. Sorry.

Despite all the negatives, I still love me a giant purse :) Here are a couple that have recently caught my eye.

Poppie Jones quilted crossbody bag - $30 DSW
I saw this and thought, 'Oh that's cute.' Then I saw the price and thought, 'Ok. I need to buy this.' So cute. So reasonable. What's not to love?

Foley + Corinna Mid City - $276 Piperlime
Color is perfect. The option to use the cross-body strap as well as the double shoulder strap makes it really versatile.

Leather bag with leopard - $147 Asos
While I'm not a huge fan of leopard, it's pretty hard to deny that it does not make a statement when done correctly. This bag is one of those examples. This is perfection.

Audrey Brooke Getaway Satchel - $100 DSW
The color is what drew me to this purse. It's gorgeous. Love the detailing with the buckles. Again, multiple straps. (That seems to be a trend with this post) Just a really nice, pretty bag.

I hope you are all finding the perfect carry-all bag for this holiday weekend. Have a Happy 4th everyone!

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