Monday, March 22, 2010

Flowers everywhere!

I have recently become obsessed with hair accessories. While on my hunt for new ones, I came across some fantastic headbands and hair clips while browsing Etsy. (By the way, Etsy is a fantastic site to find random, awesome things.) I purchased 2 headbands from 2 different sellers a couple weeks ago. Both are amazing.

Here are some new things that I'm currently investigating as potential purchases.

The green color of this flower is so great. It's very vintage to me. Jewels or rhinestones can get tacky real quick on accessories but I think these work well.
To purchase or look around, go here.

Ok, so this headband might be for little girls but I don't care. I like the color on this one too and think that it would be a great addition to an outfit. If you have dark hair, it'll look just like a hair clip.
You can visit her store here.

I stumbled across these adorable clips the other day. And yes, I bought them. Don't worry. My order was slightly different than this one so you can get your own. (I ordered mine on a bobby pins) I adore the styling of the "petals" and how they look so delicate. And the colors! Can we just have a moment for these colors??
You can visit her store here. I highly recommend it!

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