Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product shout out: Dior Show mascara

A good friend of mine asked me what mascara I use. I have tried more mascaras than I am willing to admit and I finally found one that I love: Dior Show.

If you were to look in my make up bag, you would only see MAC products. I am a devout MAC client. I have tried at least 3 of their mascaras and wasn't impressed. One day I went to the MAC counter for some other products and the salesperson asked if there was anything else I needed. I said that I needed mascara but was not interested in theirs. To which she replied "me either." She walked me over to the Dior counter and handed me Dior Show and said that is the best mascara she has ever used. Very impressive. I can honestly say that I completely agree with her. If you need mascara, this one is awesome.

Helpful tip: The first time you use it, wipe the wand clean and then use it. That was what she told me to do. Also, put on 2 coats. Your eyelashes will go on for days!

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