Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fashion Don't - Lost Socks?

While at the conference yesterday, I scoured the crowd expecting to see some great fashion Don'ts. Usually they are easy to find, but you are a strange beast NY. Here is what I did find.

The mens trend of the day appeared to be no socks. Let me tell you what the weather was like. Imagine hell, and then add humidity. So. Why on earth would you want to wear leather loafers without socks?! That doesn't even seem remotely practical to me. Did the dryer eat their last pair of matching socks? What other reason could there be for such madness.

I managed to snap this picture of a speaker while on stage. Aside from the leather loafers sans socks, he had other issues. Like, his horrible posture and the fact that his pants seem to be too short. He was fidgeting the entire time and he looked silly. I understand that some mens shoes are to be worn sans socks. I get it. But these? I don't think so.

I could almost get behind this guy not wearing socks but it just doesn't work. It doesn't. His outfit was kind of all over the place too. Part of me thinks that this was his attempt to do the "I don't care what I wear, but I put time into this" look. So, it almost worked but didn't quite make it. At least his shoes are more believable on the no socks front than the other guy.

Here is my assessment. I don't like it when guys don't wear socks with their shoes unless we're talking about slip-ons, like the Vans-style shoes I talked about here, or Converse. It just looks off otherwise.

Let me know if the guys out there feel differently. Discuss.

Although I was unable to capture this on camera, there was a woman sitting next to me that was wearing a floor length skirt, circa 1991, and Teva-like sandals. Awesome. I can barely keep some items in my closet for a full 12 months and this woman has managed to keep something around since the early 90s! I feel like I should high-five her while I tell her that this outfit is horribly out of date. And I refuse to even address the Tevas. I just won't.

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