Monday, July 19, 2010

Live from New York...

(This picture was before the lightening storm began)

About 3 hours ago I arrived in a very humid, light rain and lightening filled NY. Not much to report in terms of fashion just yet, but I do love being in this city. I don't know if it's the seat-clutching cab rides, the smells, the food or the architecture, but this place is full of inspiration. I will be attending a conference tomorrow and like all conferences, there will be some epic fashion Don'ts. I will be sure to take pictures and report back.

As of right now, I'm in the adorable Hotel Roger Williams enjoying a comfy bed and a bottle of water. Just a quick note about the hotel, I am quite enamored with the headboard and comforter/sheets. So clean and crisp looking. Contemplating recreating this...

(Yes that is Domo. I like to bring him when I travel. Reminds me of home.)

In case you can't tell, the headboard is a bright navy blue neoprene-ish fabric and the sheets are stark white with kelly green trim. Wonderfully simple and striking at the same time.

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