Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Big Apple - It was delicious

Aside from fashion stalking the random passerby on the streets of NY, I also did what I typically do when I go to NY. Eat. I swear. I could do nothing but eat and shop when I'm there. So much good food. And it's everywhere! That's one big thing NY has that SF doesn't. Food availability. If you want a delicious sandwich at midnight, you can have one. Jealous.

My first dinner in NY was at the wonderful Daniel Boulud's DBGB Kitchen & Bar. Amazing! I saw Bourdain do an episode of No Reservations with Daniel a couple months ago and Bourdain couldn't stop raving about how great the food was. DBGB really specializes in sausage and they make everything in house. I had no doubts that it would be amazing, but I wasn't ready for how great it would actually be. We tried the Espagnole sausage, made with chorizo, and the Beaujolaise sausage, made with pork and mushrooms. It is absolutely impossible to say which one was better. Both were equally decadent in their own way. (Sorry no pictures of those) I had the sauteed skate for my entree (pictured above). No need for me to tell you how good it was because I think you already know that it was phenomenal. I can't wait to bring the parents and the bf here the next time we should find ourselves in NY. Truly a gem to eat at when in the city!

As a self proclaimed Food Network fanatic, people find it shocking that I don't like Bobby Flay. I just don't. I tend to also be skeptical about people that make fancy Mexican food. As someone born and raised in California, I have had my fair share of life changing Mexican food. So I am very skeptical when people do fancy, expensive Mexican food. I did tell my bf that I would eat at a Bobby Flay restaurant if I was not paying for it. Low and behold that's exactly what happened! :) I showed up for a lunch meeting and they informed me we were going to Mesa Grill. Well then. To my dismay, everyone at the table ordered a salad. I couldn't bring myself to order a salad when I was at, what I consider, a fancy restaurant. At least a fancy place for lunch. I had the cornmeal crusted chile relleno (pictured above). This is not something I would normally order especially since it was filled with eggplant. I must say, it was really, really good! Job well done Mr. Flay.
And p.s. that plate was gorgeous!

I spent my last night in NY with a friend of mine in Brooklyn. She took me to an outdoor showing of Romeo & Juliet, a gigantic margarita and a bahn mi style hot dog. I shouldn't even have to say anything else. Pure bliss. The idea of being able to walk into a bar and order a margarita to-go is the most amazing thing I've ever heard of. And the hot dog was an out of body experience. The place was called AsiaDog and they take regular hot dogs and add an Asian twist to them. Sign me up! Who knew such great things existed? I'm so sad that this isn't in SF. Probably for the best however, because I'm sure eating hot dogs everyday is not good for you.

So thank you New York. You were amazingly delicious!

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