Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taste the rainbow!

It is a shockingly nice day in the city and I have been inspired by all the color I am seeing. (I, on the other hand, opted for black and white with yellow jewelry. Oh well.)

Here are some fun and bright shoes for your viewing pleasure!

There is a fun oxford feel to these shoes and as you know, I love some oxfords! This particular pair is from Anthropologie. This mustard yellow has such a great hue to it and the chocolate brown and hounds-tooth only add a feminine touch to the seemingly menswear look.
A practical pump is too practical in my book. I prefer a pump that has some edge to it and what better way to spice up an outfit than teal pumps? These are so fantastic and I can speak from experience as I have the same pair in nude! The sole is completely padded making them easy to be in for hours on end. Who doesn't love that in a shoe?
And as if any of us needed to be reminded that Kate Spade makes beautifully fantastic shoes, there are these gems. ADORE this color and the cluster of cuteness on the toe. Such a wonderful way to pep up your everyday look!

I hope you are all paying attention to the plethora of color that is surrounding your day!

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