Friday, May 13, 2011

Flat Out Difficult

A couple years ago I found the dreamiest pair of black flats. Hepburn by MIA. No joke, I own 4 variations of the flats including different colors, styles and materials. I wear them so much that I tended to buy 2 pairs of the same shoe and store one away in the back of my closet for when the current pair "dies." My heart is currently weeping because I cannot find these shoes ANYWHERE. This is not a joke. I have literally looked everywhere. And even put friends on the hunt to which they responded "If you can't find them what makes you think we can?" Wishful thinking? I don't know guys. I think I might have to move on. What a horrible thought. While I postpone the seemingly inevitable, I have decided to peruse the web in the search for replacements. Here is what I've come up with.
Sippi by SM @ DSW $50

Eclipse by Classiques @ Nordstrom $120

Honey @ Coach $109
(previously mentioned here)

Janeiro @ Aldo $50

For those of you curious as to what my regular, die-hard black flats look like, here they are.
Hopefully you are having better luck with your favorite shoes.

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