Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Eyes - Geek Chic

When I got my first pair of glasses in 2002, I knew I would never have an average looking pair of frames. The guy that sold me my first pair told me that my face was made for "geek chic" frames (although at the time, I had no idea what that meant) and I've never really strayed away from that. The last frames I bought in 2009, the ones I'm currently wearing, are light gray and pink from Paul Frank. Even though they are quite fab, my eye appointment yesterday made me think that I want a new pair as an alternate.

Here are some frames that I am considering:

Highway to Hello - Paul Frank
Keeping with tradition of having fun glasses, the color of these makes them wildly appealing to me. And, they're Paul Frank. How can you go wrong?
Derek Lam
I think these appeal to me because they're completely different than the style I have now. The color fade make them even more interesting.
Courante - Dita
Fantastically vintage.
Japhy - Warby Parker
I wonder if I'm cool enough to pull off white glasses...

Hopefully those of you that wear glasses are feeling geek chic with your chosen frames.

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