Thursday, June 3, 2010

All that glitters is gold

There are 2 things I never grew out of. One, bows. I love bows. I want bows on everything. The other is glitter. I love anything sparkly and shiny. Both make me feel pretty.

I want to have a moment of silence for these incredibly fabulous shoes.

Ok. I've been on the hunt for glitter flats for a little over a year now. J.Crew makes the cutest flats but I just can't bring myself to spend $200 on flats that are so seasonal. These glorious heels however have found their way into my heart. They're just so pretty. I just picture them with short cocktail dresses for the holidays. Sigh.

DSW has a pair of Steve Madden flats that are pretty cute and definitely less than $200. They come in 2 great colors but I still feel like they are missing a little something. Certainly an acceptable alternative.

As I mentioned above, J.Crew does some great things with glitter and sparkles. Case in point, here is a tank top that they recently released. I am not a huge fan of tops that have a design or effect on the front of the garment and nothing on the back. I could make an exception for this tank though.

If you are concerned that the pieces mentioned above are out of your comfort zone, an easy alternative is a hair clip. As a person who favors hair clips, these are pretty much perfect. They are tiny and pack a glittery punch.

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