Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tough & Delicate

It's not that uncommon for my attire to ride the fine line of girlie and rocker chic. And sometimes I like to wear outfits that do a little of both. This week I've been flopping back and forth between both styles. Who doesn't love to be a fashion chameleon?!

Yesterday was actually the first time I've debueted these earrings after owning them for a good 7 years at least. When I bought these at Banana Republic they were part of a collection they did that was entirely gold, blush and soft peach. I had also purchased a 50's style brocade, 3 quarter length jacket in the same color palette. I need to have that thing seriously altered. I digress. Anyway, these earrings were a great touch of color against the navy blue tunic I wore and made me realize I need to incorporate them into more outfits in the future. Maybe that'll be easier now that I've broken the ice with them.

This last weekend the bf and I went on a wine weekend extravaganza with my parents. While purchasing wine, I also managed to pick up this necklace. Who finds jewelry (non-grape related) at wineries? Apparently I do. I tend to favor jewelry that incorporates pretty rocks for some reason so this was pretty much a no-brainer. I love the metal links that lead down to the gorgeous light blue stone. I've already worn this piece with a couple different outfits and have yet to discover a color this doesn't compliment. This was definitely a successful purchase. It's pretty and a little tough. Awesome.

I hope you find some tough and delicate pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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