Monday, April 25, 2011

Success Story: Vintage & Timeless

Recently I did a post titled Vintage & Timeless focused around finding new sunglasses for my mom. Well this weekend we accomplished the task and oddly enough, none of the sunglasses featured in that post were purchased. Instead I bought these for her:
Kate Spade Franca - $128
She's always somewhat idolized Kate Spade with her modern look at vintage, so it seemed appropriate for her to go with this option. What only increased her excitement was when the salesperson asked her if she wanted the hot pink case or the kelley green case. That was a no-brainer. "Green!" we practically both yelled. Whatever works :) So I am happy to report that I have secured the coveted vintage sunglasses for her birthday to which she responded "They aren't that much. Maybe you can get me the white ones too for summer." I love my Mom.

The trick now is keeping her from wearing them until her birthday...

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