Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flock of seagulls

While birds have never had a heavy presence in my wardrobe, I'm finding it slightly difficult to avoid them now that they're the new "hot" animal to feature on clothing. Let me make one point clear, I will never find it acceptable to wear anything showcasing owls. I don't like them. They're creepy. Seagulls and sparrows seem like much safer, and cuter, alternatives.

So I found this little gem while shopping at H&M last week, where I also grabbed this, and couldn't pass it up. Especially since it was $4. *Pause* I know. $4! So needless to say, it was a must have. I plan on using this scarf as my "daring" piece that I will attempt to wear with other prints and colors. Taking big steps over here at Style Me these days! The fabric is incredibly lightweight, feels a little like linen, and the length is perfect for non-chilly weather.
Are you guys feeling this bird trend? If you are, I hope you're also avoiding the scary owls!

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